Permaculture Journeys has moved to Europe !
It has been an absolute pleasure serving you in Australia, we thank you and wish you all the best on your regenerative journey.

About You

Do you care about our beautiful planet, worry about environmental issues and wish to be part of the solution?
Would you like to adopt regenerative practices and restore the ecosystems around you?
Do you wish to practice permaculture on your land and approach self-sufficiency either with or without farm animals?
Have you considered integrating trees in your farm operations for increased diversity, stability and resilience against climate change?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these, you’ve landed to the right place.

Welcome to Permaculture Journeys !

We work with Nature to develop regenerative systems for people and all life form:
Permaculture – Regenerative Agriculture – Agroecology – Agroforestry


About Permaculture & Sustainability

Permaculture is a design science rooted in the observation of natural ecosystems and whose original objective was to develop farming systems that are diverse, resilient and regenerative.
Australian ecologists Bill Mollison and David Holmgren coined the term in 1978 as the contraction of “Permanent Agriculture”.

It is now synonymous with “Permanent Culture” in that it has extended beyond agriculture to encompass all aspects of sustainable human communities, and may very well be one of the most relevant movements for sustainability worldwide, in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Learn more about permaculture, veganic permaculture & sustainability.


We offer services in…


We assist your permaculture project for your home, backyard, farm or wider landscape.

Whether or not you want farm animals and regardless of the size of your land, we can help you plan and implement various sustainability and self-sufficiency systems including, but not limited to:

– Vegetable gardens
– Orchards and food forests
– Animal systems (chicken, bees, livestock…)
– Sustainable housing (solar, rainwater, retrofits…)
– Wildlife habitat
– Greenhouses, composting and support systems
– Water systems (ponds, dams, swales, keyline…)

Regenerative Agriculture

We define, assess, plan and implement regenerative agriculture goals and practices for your land.

Also supported by agroecological principles, we help you restore health, biodiversity, fertility and resilience above and below ground by adopting the following principles:

– Minimise soil disturbance
– Keep the soil covered
– Maintain living roots all year round
– Maximise crop diversity
– Integrate livestock (optional depending on farm operations)


Integrating trees in agricultural systems increases ecosystem health, diversity and resilience in the face of climate change.

We offer support to develop various agroforestry systems adapted to your vision and goals:

– Silvopastures
– Food forests
– Alley cropping
– Syntropic farming
– Shelter belts (fire, windbreaks…)
– Wildlife corridors

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Hi, I’m Melanie

The owner of Permaculture Journeys.

I’m a Project Management & Sustainability professional devoted to helping people and organisations travel their path towards sustainable living and ecosystem restoration.

I offer permaculture-related services including property design and implementation, regenerative agriculture, agroforesty, and also veganic permaculture for those who cannot or do not wish to keep farm animals.

Whether you’re considering seeking help for ideas, design and/or implementation work, feel free to check-out our services and get in touch.


We are very impressed with lots of things…communication, reliability, punctuality, attention to detail, transparency, and of course the ideas and knowledge about how to improve our land. Melanie just gets things done quickly and efficiently, she is an incredibly hard worker and very easy to get along with.
Really happy to have Melanie’s support – no way we could do this project without her!

Verena W.
(From Permaculture Journeys’ feedback form)
— About pasture renovation project

Melanie is a pleasure to work with. An extremely hard worker, a can do attitude. With an understanding of what I required, supplied me a detailed plan that is evolving as my self-sustainable vision is being developed. In a relatively short time the results Melanie has achieved implementing the collaborative garden design has me totally excited as I see my vision unfolding. A totally enjoyable and rewarding experience and looking forward to the fruits of her labour! I highly recommend her services and vouch for her to add value to your projects.

Linda H.
(From Google reviews)
— About permaculture project

Robyn & I together with fantastic hired help have been busy establishing a silvopasture system. We have goats and our paddocks were very run down due to overgrazing, clay-based soil, rock hard during summer and muddy in winter with very little top soil. We commenced improving the soil by building a swale, ripping on contour and planting a variety of fodder trees as well as a cover crop. 12 months on, the topsoil has greatly improved and we are planting more trees and shrubs. The aim is to manage the grazing using electric fencing.
I must acknowledge Melanie for her help and expertise. She has expertly guided us through this process over the last 12+ months.

Peter V.
(From Permaculture Yarra Valley Newsletter)
— About silvopasture project